Left turn Violator

It drives me crazy when someone refuses to pull forward into the intersection when turning left. Not only are people being negligent and selfish, they are negatively impacting the flow of traffic on our streets and creating potential hazards! Here’s one such person refusing to pull forward into the intersection. She stayed there the entire time the light was green. Perhaps if drivers did this correctly, the people behind them would be less inclined to run red lights to get through the intersection (another subject of future bitch sessions).

When you're turning left, you have an obligation to pull into the intersection!

When you’re turning left, you have an obligation to pull into the intersection!


  1. Eileen flaxman says:

    Oooooo – this is my biggest pet peeve of all! It INFURIATES me. And I was very disappointed to discover that there’s no law on the books about this saying that people need to move forward into the intersection. But there is one thing I do that usually works and that is I creep closer and closer to their bumper and that usually makes them move into the intersection. Try it and see if it helps you

    • Marci says:

      I often give a gentle honk of the horn, try to catch their eyes in their side mirror while my arm is motioning for them to move forward. It’s never well received and usually followed by me reading their lips through the mirror uttering something that looks like they’re saying, “VACUUM.”

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