Important Driving Terms Defined

The Red Light Shuffle – the dance we do when the light turns red and we position our cars as close to the front of the intersection as possible hoping to gain the coveted first in line spot.

Gridlock [grid lok] – a condition caused by public officials who have allowed for overdevelopment throughout the city. It results in mindless masses of people out of frustration exacerbating the problem because they refuse to wait for the next light before proceeding across an intersection.

Cluster F**k – a condition caused by people driving unnaturally slow on the freeway when they are in close proximity to a cop. It forms a cluster of cars moving at exactly the same pace whereby no one can pass anyone else and move forward.

5 Minute Lights – Traffic signals at busy intersections that take an exceedingly long time to turn green again, about 5 minutes. These intersections have the left and right arrows, and so forth. It makes the traffic flow more efficient (and safer) for turning, but it comes at a cost.


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