Camry is the New Prius and Other Random Things Encountered Recently on the Road

For weeks now it seems as though every time I get stuck behind a car, it’s a Camry, a light color Camry I might add. Camry seems to have taken the top spot for annoyingly slow drivers, pushing the Prius down to 2nd place. Double the frustration if it’s an old model Camry. I now catch myself muttering (not so under my breath) the word “C…A…M…R…Y” every time this happens. Picture Seinfeld saying “NEWMAN.”

The Road – A Great Equalizer



Driving on the roads in Los Angeles (as I’ve said before) is a great equalizer. It’s one of the few places in life where money or socioeconomic status does not dictate how far you get ahead. It might dictate how comfortable you are sitting in traffic, but that’s as good as it gets. This Lamborghini beauty was weaving in and out of traffic on the 405 trying to get ahead. In the end, he ended up considerably behind me on the freeway. What’s perhaps most notable is that this was one of those few instances where I was content to stay in one lane. My patience seemed to pay off. In the interest of full disclosure, I was patient (at least in part) because I was ahead of the Lamborghini.

Sanford & Son on Wheels Thank you Ian H. for submitting this photo!

Sanford & Son on Wheels
Thank you Ian H. for submitting photo!



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A Health Dept. Vehicle?

A Health Dept. Vehicle?


If you can’t read the sign in the window, it says:

Persons having currently active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea within the previous 14 days shall not be allowed to enter the pool water.

I wouldn’t particularly like seeing this sign at a public swimming area, though I understand why it gets posted. BUT… posted in a car? What’s going on in that back cab?


Shaming the Lady in the Mercedes

Mercedes LadyThis lady was something else. We were in stop and go traffic on the 405 (where else would I be?) and every time she’d slow to a near stop, she would flash her brights and honk as if the car in front of her could just magically move and make the traffic go away. (That would be my superpower of choice.) I was a passenger in a car when this was happening. I turned back to see who was honking, made eye contact with this woman and she was completely expressionless. I was not. I wish I could refer her to the picture of the Lamborghini. Honey, if he can’t get ahead on the road, surely you can’t either!

Graffiti Van

Graffiti Van



Don’t you wonder what’s going on inside the mind of the owner or at least inside this van?








Have a happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Be careful — this holiday rivals New Year’s Eve for drinking and driving.


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