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STEELing Thunder

I often complain about road construction and the impact it has on my ability to get where I need to go on a timely basis. Well, the latest road construction project in my neighborhood has just gotten personal! It’s taking place right outside my window and it’s turning my former sanctuary into a stress zone. It’s also preventing me from getting a decent night’s sleep.

Steel Plates - an all too common sight in Los Angeles

Steel Plates – an all too common sight in Los Angeles

How many of you have driven down a road only to meet up with those annoying steel plates on the ground? You know they’re destroying your tires, nevermind agitating your innards as you drive over them. There’s no avoiding them though.

The DWP is working on an “infrastructure improvement project” in my neighborhood, a very common occurrence in recent years thanks to the endless development. Let’s just say, from the start of this particular project it has been anything but a joy. On their first day, they started a fire underground which knocked the power out in the area for about 10 hours. The construction project has worked its way down the road to now just outside my window.

The Claw in Action

The Claw in Action

Every time a car drives over the steel plates, I hear a thundering sound as though a train is going by.

Feels like I’m living in New York City. I dub this the F Line. What could F possibly stand for? Let me count the ways…

Your agitated blogger, Marci