Picking on Priuses and PT Cruisers

Why is it that 8 times out if 10 when I get stuck behind a ridiculously slow car it’s a Prius? The other 2 times it seems to a PT Cruiser, clearly not the turbo charged version. I suspect the PT cruiser (or any variation of that car) would rank higher if there were more on the road. It’s true. This is based on empirical evidence. It occurred to me that I should post photos proving my point. There’s plenty of time for this as I suspect this condition will not change any time soon.

I have observed, however, that it’s never a black Prius that goes slow. It’s typically the lighter colors. I believe that’s because there’s a cool factor associated with owning a black colored car even for someone who owns a Prius, doubly true if they have tinted windows. No one cool would be caught driving 45 MPH on the freeway. Think of the car scene in the beginning of Revenge of the Nerds.

Speaking of, do you ever wonder what the color of your car says about your personality? Stay tuned. I’ll have some great insights on this coming soon.

Have a safe weekend.

Marci Freud 


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