Three Feet for Safety Act – Give Cyclists Their Space or Pay

I have a lot to say about cyclists in LA, Cyclavia and how cars and cyclists should co-exist in this city. That’ll be a post for another day, but for now, be aware there’s a new law on the books Assembly Bill 1371 — it will cost you if you don’t give cyclists 3′ space when passing them. The law takes effect on September 16th. Tell everyone you heard about it here first!

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  1. Mark Luni says:

    I’m all for giving cyclists the 3 feet, or even a Meter if it’s a good day. I just ask, in return that they:

    1. STOP at stop signs.
    2. USE the bike lanes that were painted for them, and stay off the sidewalks.
    3. Put your foot down while you are stopped waiting for a light, instead of doing that seesaw steering thing where I don’t know where you’ll end up, because, yes, I do want to turn right on a red light.

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